How We Can Help

With Math Checkup, we identify which specific foundation math skills the student is weak in.  Also, with Math Checkup, you don't have to know math to diagnose your weaknesses or develop an improvement plan!  Our system does it all for you!

The Math Checkup process is simple:

  1. You first take our Assessment Test to identify specifically which foundation math skill you are weak in.

  2. You then print out the worksheets that correspond to the questions you missed and start doing the problems for practice till you build proficiency working ONLY on the skills you are weak in.

  3. We provide instruction sheets and video tutorials that show you step by step how to solve the problems in each worksheet.
    • You can also take the worksheets corresponding to each question you missed to your teacher or tutor so they can focus specifically on the foundation math skills you are weak in.

    • We also provide one-to-one individualized tutoring (via an online tutor) who can give you personalized instruction.  Please note that there is an additional cost for enrolling in individual tutoring (refer to the Schedule Tutoring Session page for details).
Once you have mastered all of the topics in our foundation math skills, you will be ready to pursue your personal goals that rely on foundation math skills.
Start using Math Checkup now, which includes worksheets and step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, for a yearly subscription of $199.95.
(compare to $2000.00/year for "private tutors" and $1,000.00/per year for "group tutoring centers")

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If you are a school, an educational institution, or a tutoring company, contact Altus Consulting LLC (parent company for Math Checkup) via the Contact page of our website for site licenses.

If you think you already know all of your foundation math skills, then test yourself and Take the Mini Assessment Test which contains a small sample of questions from our complete Assessment Test.