This page was updated on February 5, 2017.

What materials are included with this resource?
The Math Checkup resource includes the following:

  1. An Assessment Test that allows you to quickly diagnose the student's specific weak areas in foundation math skills
  2. All the worksheets (along with answer key) to all the problems in all the units
  3. Information sheets and videos with step-by-step instructions on how to solve problems in every unit
We know that many students do poorly in tasks that require higher math (e.g, personal investing, school subjects) because they never really mastered their foundation math skills.  We have broken down these foundation math skills into 56 discreet skills where each skill builds upon the previous ones.  Each of these skills is embodied in one unit.  The Assessment Test contains one question from each unit.  By examining which question the student misses, you can determine precisely which foundation math skills the student is weak in.  For each unit, we provide eight worksheets that can be used to reinforce the math skills from that unit.  We also provide information sheets and videos with step-by-step instructions on solving the problems.  Once the student has mastered the skills from the unit corresponding to each question he/she missed on the Assessment Test, that student would be expected to be ready to pursue personal and academic goals that depend on a mastery of foundation math skills.

In what formats is this resource available?
Math Checkup is primarily available as an online subscription.  You need a printer to print out worksheets and instruction sheets.

Are you allowed to photocopy the Assessment Test and/or the worksheets to share among different students?
The Math Checkup resource is covered under copyright protections and all pertinent international treaties.  As such, no portion of the resource is permitted to be copied if you purchase a single user license.

Are there discounts or other options for schools and/or educational companies that wish to use this resource for multiple students?
Site licenses are available for institutions and business that allow use of the Match Checkup resource for all your students.  Contact Altus Consulting LLC (parent company for Math Checkup) via the Contact page of our website for a site license price quote.

Do you also offer individualized, one-to-one tutoring?
YES!  In addition to our online text and video resource, we also offer one-to-one tutoring services at an affordable additional cost.  Complete information about our tutoring services are available on the Schedule Tutoring Session page of our website.